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QForms is a cloud software which means you can access it on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere.
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QForms is a cloud software which means you can access it on your phone, laptop or computer from anywhere. There is no additional setup required, no worries to back up your data and no worries of securing it.All you need to do is to sign up for an account and start using it. It is used by Business Units, Organizations, Educations Institutes, and Financial Bodies for learning, administration, Survey, Research, Examination, Data Collection and Management activities.

Simple Form Creation

Non-technical users can customize, design and publish professional-looking forms without the need for programming knowledge.

Confidence in Data

Prefilling form fields using single sign-on functionality not only ensures that the data is accurate, but it also provides a high level of confidence that the user completing and signing the form is indeed that person.

Easy Integrations

Upload form data and/or form images to your back end IS. Eliminate data entry and save on the cost of processing paper forms.

Ecommerce Solutions

Use QForms for donations, registrations, collections, enrollment confirmation, sales of merchandise, or whatever your payment needs are. We integrate with several payment vendors to provide these solutions across campus

Great Support

Get 24/7 expert support from our staff, to help you understand and with onboarding the software.

Easy Implementation

Use our easy form builder to customize and design your form


Explore Our All Features We Offer to customers

Digital forms are a great step toward your paperless office, but don’t let digital progress frustrate your customers. Nothing’s worse than having a form not save when you’re almost done or having to fill in every detail even though you know a field should be able to auto-populate. QForms has all the features you need to build powerful customizable forms.Take a look at the features that make QForms the best online form builder software for your Organisation.

Responsive Forms

You can set up the responsive forms as per your need just few clicks away.No technical knowledge needs for creating responsive forms.

Multi Page Form with Bar

Split complex data entry into easy to manage multi-page forms that auto-save a draft on each page turn with a great user experience.

Powerful Calculated Fields

Complex calculations are easy with QForms. Give instant online estimates, calculate advanced product options, or even interest/repayment calculators.

Dynamic Add Form Fields

Need to collect multiple sets of information with a single entry? Repeatable fields allow your users to add a new set of fields on the fly.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop QForms builder makes building forms a breeze. Seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this. Choose your elements and build your own custom forms.

Save Form & Resume later

Allows your clients to save a partially completed form and resume later. Never lose your progress.

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