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Software Development Services

Our software services have been designed to minimize your costs, maximize your profits and keep you one step ahead of the competition.We offer custom software development services, mobile application development services or dedicated software development teams. If you are stuck with your project development, our experienced teams will help you with your software project rescue.

We apply the ownership mindset to make all your digital dreams come true with highly-skilled software development, testing, product support and high tech services.

Our dedicated mobile app developer’s love creating apps and it’s their passion. As a result, iOS and Android App development has been our forte for years.​

Do you feel your software project is off track? Statistically, you’re among the unfortunate 60%, whether you are developing in-house or outsourcing.​

Use our TaaS model and have a powerful and flexible testing method without even bearing any cost of owning a complete QA model.

Our experts help you with setting up and launching aggressive digital campaigns to make the most of your online marketing.

Hand-picked experts adequate for your specific project needs. Profound understanding of the project requirements. Streamlined communication.

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As Your Software Development Partner

We have a large pool of developers who are proficient in English, good communicators, highly educated and skilled, with solid knowledge in a wide range of the hottest programming web and mobile technologies like Microsoft.NET, Node.js, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, Perl, C++, iOS, Android, Angular.js, React.js and more.

According to your particular business needs, your software project will benefit from the mix of expertise that you require and the development pricing model that suits your business best.

Our Products

Expentor has successfully implemented key solutions that address the efficiency requirements of numerous procedures across the policy lifecycle and associated administrative tasks.If the entire suite is not needed, the components of these reliable core solutions can be offered separately and are simply linked with other systems.   

Technology Index

What technology we are using for our valued customers

Our QA specialists use both manual and automatic testing to clear the software from bugs. Designers are highly skilled in the most popular programs like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. You can count on our marketers for SEO optimization, AdWords campaigns, email marketing campaigns, and social media optimization.

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